Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trailers of two Helix highlights

Videos for sale!

ASL Rocks! Is a coalition of different skits and stories performed by high school students. For those who couldn't catch the show, here's an opportunity to see what it was all about. Those who have seen the fab show, here's an opportunity to see it. Oscar Catalan, a senior from class of 2008, put on a fabulous show in attempt to raise money for Deaf Prom 2008. Three different high schools participated and made the show happen. Here's a glimpse of the show.

Deaf Prom 2008 was just amazing. We caught it on tape for those who want to remember the night forever. There were dinner, fireworks, dancing, and a lot of mingling. 60 high school students from all over southern california came to boogie the night away. Here's a glimpse of one night in a deaf teen's life.

The bad news: that's all we will show you for now.
The good news: We have full features of both events. Both over one hour long. Ready for you to view.
Do you want your own copy of one or both?
Reserve one!
One event is $15.
Both events will be $25.

Please email deafprom@gmail.com to reserve your copy by august 15-31.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Teamwork made the dream work!

Transcript available below

Hi again!

School is out for real. Where did the time go? Did it disappear like water in a toilet bowl after you flush? Now, I want to go back in time and reflect on all the things that took place over the past year. Wow, a lot has happened at Helix High School. As I pondered on all the different events through the year, I realized I have to thank a lot of people who helped make it a fabulous prom! We have a great Deaf community! How do I start? I cannot just simply say thank you. Instead, I want to show pictures and explain a little about what people did. When we first started planning the prom at the start of the year, we knew we needed donations and monetary support. When we asked for support, many stepped in. Some gave a lot of money while others may have given a little. Each and every donation still meant a lot. Thank you very much for your donation!

With all the donations we got and fundraisers we hosted, we made a lot of progress but not without a lot of support from organizations and agencies. With their support, we were able to perserve and stick to the plan. For that, I want to thank three major group of people who were behind us.

(Feast on This, Deaf Community Services, and ZLAC)

During the whole year, we were very excited about the prom and wanted the world to know it. We wanted to publicize the whole event. We made it possible via our eye catching vlogs. However, I was not the one behind the creativity of each and every vlog we posted. I want to thank the person responsible and i think you know who it is. (Chuckles)
(Jon Lenois Savage)

As the prom night approached, there were many details to take care of. We had a great team of people who worked fast and took care of all the important details. If it weren't for these people, the prom wouldn't have been possible. On prom night, everybody showed up with energy and everything went very smoothly. It was one heck of a team. I am proud to be the one to thank these people. They all rock!

You see these pictures from prom night? Neat, aren't they? Do you want to see more? Unfortunately, PhotoReflect is no longer the website we use for our pictures. Instead, we will use smugmug to store our pictures. You'll see all 925 pictures from the night. You can order them online. Order as many as you want or as little. You can even order a T-shirt or a blown up picture. It is entirely up to you! Have fun!

And hey...one more thing! Video clips are coming soon. Keep your eyes open for it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wrong Game!

Sat., April 26 Sun., April 27 * $5 Admission

Carlsbad Village Theater (300 seats)
2822 State Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008-3930
1:00 PM

Deaf Community Services (75 seats)
Community Room 4th Ave, Ste. 300
San Diego, CA 92103
6:00 PM

Ticket/Info: Erin Oleson * Email: deafprom@gmail.com
Proceeds to Deaf Helix Highlanders
Movie Trailer: www.aslfilms.com * rated PG-13 * 128 minutes

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ASL Rocks!!!


WHAT?: A variety show with ASL storytelling, ASL in songs, and different things that includes signing which represents Deaf culture. We want to preserve Deaf culture and see it live on forever. We do not want to see it disappear.

WHY?: It is solely for the audience’s enjoyment. We want our audience to enjoy ASL. One can meet old and new friends. Proceeds will go to Deaf Prom 2008.

WHO?: High school students will perform a show that is FOR anyone who knows American Sign Language.

WHEN?: Friday and Saturday, April 11 and 12 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

WHERE?: Helix Charter High School in the Little Theater. Address: 7323 University Ave La Mesa, CA 91941

COST?: Admission: $5. Refreshments: 50 cents - $2 dollars.

I am Oscar. Thank you for supporting ASL ROCKS!

Come join us!


Editor's note: For tickets, please email deafprom@gmail.com or come to Coffee Bean on April 4th.

** You can print out flyers! **

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Deaf Prom + Fabric = ASL EXPO in San Diego

What happens when you mix passion with a job? A fun project! As you all know, Deaf Prom 2008 is coming up! We want to make it the baddest prom ever. A DEAF prom, not just a prom for Deaf people. We are hiring only DEAF people to work at the prom. Caterers, photographers, DJs, chaperones, security, entertainers, "bartenders", and every little people working at the prom will all be DEAF. To make that happen, we need money. With that said, we decided to take what we are good at and make it into a fundraising opportunity. Sew we sew!

Textiles (fabrics) are so tactile and you know how we Deaf people love tactile things. What better than a fun opportunity to make things that we love and share them with other people to love too? At ASL EXPO in San Diego on February 23rd, we will be selling things for people to buy, like napkins, totebags, aprons, and burp cloths. They're also "green" so grab them while they're hot! Proceeds go to Deaf Prom 2008. We look forward to seeing you at the booth!

Erin (teacher) and Laura (a Helix friend)